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Toffee Collection


They say if something isn't broken, why fix it...Well too bad! This bad boy is bigger and better than ever. Crumbled pecans and pure milk chocolate have nestled themselves atop a whole mess O' Toffee goodness!

Vanilla White Chocolate & Macadamia Nuts

This one's a jaw dropper, not a jaw breaker! Sink your teeth into the rich, vanilla bean white chocolate and let the macadamia work its magic, so you can work yours!

Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt & Walnuts

If opposites attract, then this Sweet and Salty duo must be in love. Fresh walnuts and soft caramel lay at the foundation of this quirky relationship, while dark chocolate and sea salt flirt until the last bite!

Mint Dark Chocolate & Almonds

A fresh new take on toffee! Cool mint crumbles powdered on top of rich, mint dark chocolate and fresh almonds leave your taste buds brisk & crisp. Let's face it, this relationship is 'Mint To Be.'

Orange Dark Chocolate & Salted Cashews

We're not twisting the truth here. This is just flat out good! Fresh orange squeezes in just fine with our smooth, creamy dark chocolate and crushed cashews. "Orange ya glad you came across this one!"

Chili-Infused Dark Chocolate & Pecan

This bodacious balance of rich, dark chocolate, crushed pecans & "mouth-kickin" chili blends together for a scrumptious treat with a subtle spice, leaving your taste buds wanting to tango.

Coconut White Chocolate & Macadamia Nuts

Need a little tropical peace of mind? Well get yourself a piece! Creamy, coconut infused white chocolate and soft macadamia nuts are topped with lightly toasted coconut flakes to bring you a little slice of paradise.

A Big Hot Mess{Mixed Nuts}

What else is there to say? This dysfunctional family of nuts never seems to agree on whether it's sweet or spicy. Despite their differences, they do agree on one thing tho...Keep on eatin' em!

Milk Chocolate with Candied Jalapenos & Peanuts

This one's got a kick, so beware! Milk Chocolate, infused with Candied Jalepenos is paired with the classic, salty peanut to pack a party in your mouth.


Milk Chocolate/Peanut Butter with Peanuts

Our Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter infused toffee is Nuts! Topped with Salty Peanuts, this flavor with get stuck in your head but not in your mouth.






This Sweet & Salty Duo will leave your
tastebuds confused, but 'Oh So Satisfied.'

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