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Our Toffee

You know how love feels… Well now you'll know what it tastes like! Rich and buttery, thick and creamy. Our artisan handcrafted gourmet toffee is prepared using the finest ingredients including Swiss and Belgium chocolates and the highest quality of nuts. Two Girls Toffery grabs your soul and says "I love you, baby!" Two Girls Toffee is perfect for holiday celebrations, birthdays and anniversaries, or the "I just got treat myself to some Toffee" self indulgence.

Our Toffees comes in 4oz, 8oz and the "Come and get it Baby" 16oz box of sweet Toffee bliss! Outside our boxes are wrapped in seasonal bands that make gift giving sweet and easy, Inside, tall and tasty squares of pure friendship. To add a little whim and whimsy to the business of sweetness, corporate gifts can be packaged and customized to the needs of your company.



This Sweet & Salty Duo will leave your
tastebuds confused, but 'Oh So Satisfied.'

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